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Your Planning Commission is asking folks from around Town and beyond to describe, in six words or less, what they want Brandon to be like in five years and what they value most about Brandon. Here’s what we’ve heard so far (a little deconstructed in some spots) – check back every now and again to see what rises to the top!

What do you want Brandon to be like in five years?

  • economically strong
  • unforgettable
  • vibrant
  • even better place to live
  • manufacturing
  • shopping center south of town
  • a great place to visit, live
  • to move in a forward direction
  • secure with police department that responds
  • economic & industrial base brought back
  • thriving community
  • more business
  • infrastructure
  • better roads
  • little crime
  • safe for animals
  • like it is now
  • the same as it is today
  • economically strong
  • more access to outdoors
  • cleanup outside of downtown property, junk cars, trailer park, etc.
  • no policy on private land
  • quiet
  • trees in good condition
  • full employment
  • larger grocery store with ample parking
  • vibrant
  • bustling
  • welcoming
  • alive
  • functional
  • prosperous
  • vibrant
  • more controlled growth

What do you value most about Brandon?

  • the people
  • the activities
  • the organizations
  • community
  • small-town values
  • small
  • countryside
  • access to National Forest
  • wide open spaces
  • friendly people
  • close-knit community with good neighbors
  • history
  • friendly small-town atmosphere
  • community
  • history
  • downtown
  • trees
  • my land and others who value theirs
  • village center with surrounding natural areas
  • close to nature
  • historic small town
  • people
  • activities
  • small town
  • not crowded
  • people
  • place
  • good total relationship
  • way community cares for all ages
  • community
  • beauty
  • people
  • welcoming community
  • its small-town Vermont flavor

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