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If you could move and put down new roots anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why? If you’d stay in Brandon, why?

  • My roots have just begun to grow, my family and I just bought our fist home here and are really enjoying how peaceful and friendly our street is. I can’t wait to really get to know this town.
  • We just moved to Brandon because we were able to buy a farm, with privacy and great views. If money were no object we’d chose a place with a lot less winter and a lot longer growing season…zone 7 I think.
  • First, I love Brandon. I always wanted to live in a small Vermont town, where I can walk to everything. I’m not sure I will stay here when I retire. I wish we had more recreational facilities – an indoor gym, better tennis courts (they really need repair), a town pool, bike paths.
  • When I think about putting roots down in a community, I would strongly consider the school system’s strengths and national ratings.  Education is of utmost importance for a community to bring business, taxpayers, and a strong sense of togetherness.  Brandon schools have been rated on a scale of 1 to 10 (highest) in the range of 3-4 but recently have dipped to a 2-3 rating on national realtor websites, affecting how those outside of our community view the comparison between Brandon and other places to live.  This is of great concern to a community because it affects all investments a person can make (family, real estate, business).  Our schools need to focus on math, science and technology to prepare our youth for the world.  Strengths in arts and history will not typically create opportunities for youth.  A stronger education system would improve the real estate market, bring business and families, and create the sense of community we are all striving for in Brandon.
  • What I will answer is why I like Brandon:
    1. It is a town where the family comes first, I.E., the Halloween Parade; everyone (or, at least, a lot of people)  comes downtown to watch the grade schoolers walk in their costumes
    2. If people know who you are and like you, they’ll bend over backwards for you, I.E., I’m partially blind and disabled. When Gigi was the policeman that stood in the middle of the road and direct traffic, he would stop traffic from both sides and come and lead me or help me cross the street.
    3. To go along with #2… When I forgot my checkbook, I was told the grocery store people would hold my groceries for me while I went home to get it.
    4. A certain doctor in this town let me have his services free for a number of years, knowing I needed the care, but could not pay him.
    5. People say Hi to one another on the street, whether they know you or not!
    6. There’s a place where low income/disabled people can live and it isn’t ‘on the street’; it’s a nice apartment.
    7. There’s a bus that goes to Rutland or Middlebury every week day.
    8. There’s the Food Shelf run by Jane Coolidge and Kathy Mathis…and they bring the food to your door!
    9. The local government,I.E., YOU!, ask people for their input!
    *****what I wish*****
    That there was local transportation to the schools for parent/teacher conferences, after school activities, summer activities, etc. and to the grocery store or post office in the winter!!
  • Probably Ny,where the tax incentives are ,would love to expand but the way things are here with no jobs would not dare to do it.

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