A Happy Independence Day

July 5, 2015 by Jeff

Your Barn Raising folks put together a great spot for people to be creative, learn, and have fun this Fourth of July. Special thanks to Linda & Jeff Stewart, Phyllis Aitchison, and Robert Black!

What did we learn? Well, folks love Brandon. It’s a special place. It’s home. It’s a place to love and be loved.

Maybe that wasn’t learnt, so much as confirmed….


BarnBackFinal-7-4-15 BarnDetail1-7-4-15    BarnGirl-7-4-15BarnInThePark3-7-4-15 BarnDetail2-7-4-15BarnInThePark4-7-4-15 BarnInThePark-7-4-15 BarnInThePark2-7-4-15 BarnDetail5-7-4-15  BarnDetail3-7-4-15BarnKids1-7-4-15 BarnKids2-7-4-15 BarnWriters-7-4-15 FatherDaughterWriting-7-4-15 IMG_3731 IMG_3737 TwoGirlsWriting-7-4-15BarnDetail4-7-4-15



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