The Town Plan – an Agenda without an Agenda

October 24, 2014 by Jeff

Your Brandon Planning Commission is dedicated to drafting a Town Plan that reflects Brandon as a community – the whole community. Without public participation, we’ll just have five folks sitting in the Library two Monday nights a month making educated guesses as to how Brandon residents want the Town to grow.

To avoid that unhappy result, we’ve sketched out a bare-bones agenda of workshops and other events geared to maximize your involvement in writing the Town Plan:

  • Button Up Brandon Day and the Planning Commission Energy Social
    Saturday, November 1, 9-2 in Town Hall
  • Existing & Future Land Use section – discussion drafts
    November 3 & 17, 7-9 in the Library
  • Recreation and Economic Development event
    January 2015
  • Capital Planning Workshop
    January-February 2015
  • Transportation, Housing, Childcare – discussion drafts
    February 2 & 16, 2015
  • Natural Resources & Working Lands
    Spring 2015
  • Draft Town Plan hearings
    Late Spring / Early Summer 2015

Blanks will be filled in, of course, as time goes on. Keep an eye on this blog and The Reporter for more info, and as always, comment here or email with questions, comments, and concerns.

See you around town!




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