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March 17, 2013 by Jeff

If you’re into energy, and Brandon’s own Energy Committee just isn’t enough, check out the following announcement for statewide involvement:



The Vermont Public Service Board seeks three public members and three alternates to serve on the Vermont System Planning Committee (VSPC). Each public member and alternate will represent the interests of one of the following groups: electric residential consumers; electric commercial and industrial consumers; and environmental protection.  Alternates will attend VPSC meetings when public members are not available.

The VSPC plays a key role in the planning process for Vermont’s electric transmission system. This planning process is designed to facilitate the full, fair and timely consideration of cost-effective non-transmission alternatives to new transmission projects. The VSPC: (1) facilitates and supports such consideration of non-transmission alternatives; (2) encourages and facilitates public involvement in Vermont transmission planning in general and in the consideration of specific projects; and (3) provides transparency and accountability to the Vermont transmission-planning process.

Other members of the VSPC include representatives of each Vermont electric distribution, transmission and electric energy efficiency utility, and two non-voting participants, one each appointed by the Sustainably Priced Energy Enterprise Development Facilitator, and the Vermont Department of Public Service.

Public members are expected to attend quarterly VSPC meetings (day-long) at rotating locations, with per diem and mileage reimbursement provided, and may also serve on one or more subcommittees. Additional information about the VSPC and its role in the new transmission-planning process is available on the VSPC’s website at: The Board strongly encourages interested persons to review these materials.

Send letters of interest to Business Manager, Vermont Public Service Board, 4th Floor, 112 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05620-2701 by March 22, 2013. Letters of interest should identify which group the applicant would like to represent, describe the applicant’s qualifications to represent that group, and explain the applicant’s reasons for wanting to serve on the VSPC.


2 thoughts on “Got Energy?

  1. Robert Black says:

    Thank you, Jeff, and BPC for getting this topic going locally. I believe that an Energy Commission in Brandon would be most helpful in educating folks about cost-saving conservation strategies and also forming a vision for our long-term sustainability as a community. A local Energy Commission could establish a set of goals for energy sources we would ideally like to see for our community (i.e., Vermont based, agriculturally-linked sources like biomass and renewable sources like micro-hydro, small-scale solar, appropriately-located wind) that could serve our needs and, at the same time, influence other communities. Together, this could form an effective lobby for State-wide planning that will keep the values and qualities of Vermont that we love. Waiting for “outside” planning from for-profit Utilities and large, out-of-state corporate interests will only allow them to push through with their most lucrative toxic and fossil-based alternatives like “natural” (fracked) gas and large-scale hydro and coal-fired electric plants that have their own well-known side effects. And even the proliferation of large-array solar PV installations that have been effectively manipulated so they don’t need to comply with Vermont’s unique Act 250 standards, subvert the basic intent of Act 250 to keep Vermont green, slow-paced and livable. Moreover, I believe that it is incumbent on each local community to take a stand for the kind and quality of life that it wants for its children and its future. Developing a Brandon Energy Commission would be another step to that preferred future – particularly when goals and objectives of a BEC would be aligned with the bigger picture vision laid out by the dedicated volunteer professionals of Brandon’s Planning Commission. And, it goes without saying that the buy-in and support of the Select Board and townsfolk of Brandon will be the way to carry this out. I’d like to help with this.
    Robert Black/Architect/Chair, Brandon DBA Design Committee

    • Jeff says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Robert. You’ll be happy to know that a nascent Energy Committee is in the works. We’ll keep you posted!

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