February 1, 2013 by Jeff

As the Brandon-Based Code project unfolds, you may come across the terms “placemaking” and “place-based” coding or zoning. Like so many other neologisms, this kind of “planner-speak” can really turn people off, or worse, the terms – developed originally to identify a specific approach – become watered-down and no longer reflect the ideals they were meant to embody. For a critique of this watering-down, check out a recent post at the Project for Public Spaces.

Ultimately, the Brandon-Based Code can be summed up in a quote from that blog post about the essence of “placemaking”:

Great places and strong local economies are created in the same way: by getting people together to define local challenges and come up with appropriate solutions to address them.

In one sense, we in Brandon already have a “place” that has many great attributes we wish to conserve. In another sense, Brandon is continually evolving (even if slowly compared to some areas of the state or nation). That’s why the Brandon-Based Code is both “place-based” and, to a great extent, about “placemaking.”

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