November 4, 2012 by Jeff

Once a largely ignored part of regional and town plans, the “Energy” section is becoming an increasingly important in Vermont land use planning.

Click here to read about the latest efforts at resolving contentious energy-generation siting issues at the state level.

Here in Brandon, we have about 63 acres of land that might have the right geography to host a 70 meter / 229 ft. or taller wind turbine – about enough for a one megawatt installation, or one wind turbine. Our potential lies more in small commercial (50 meter / 164 ft. or less) and residential (30 meter / 98 ft. or less) installations. (Vermont Energy Atlas.)

We might also have access to solar, geothermal, microhydro, and biomass to meet our local energy needs.

What do you think is appropriate for Brandon? Let us know in the comments!



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